Meeting Minutes 12/7/2020

East End Area Council Minutes – EEAC December 7, 2020
Tim Hinde, Secretary

The meeting was held via Zoom and a group safely gathered at LeBlond Rec Center and joined via Zoom with a projector. In total 74 attended the meeting with 67 residents/owners.
The meeting started at 7:03 PM
A motion was made to approve the November 2nd minutes and they were approved.
Jane Sites initiated and directed the voting process. She introduced the candidates:
President : Jane Sites & Craig Stanton
Vice President: Zac Davidson & Patrick Ormond
Treasurer: Jeff Stewart
Secretary: Mary Beth Wilker & Terri Davidson
NSP: Regina Moss
The candidates were given 20 seconds to introduce themselves and then field any questions from attendees.
Jane Sites then moved to direct the LeBlond attendees to cast their vote live at this time and for the Zoom attendees to cast their vote at the ballots available at LeBlond during the week up until 5:00 pm on Friday 12/11/20. Tim Hinde, Secretary, further explained the process of stopping by LeBlond to cast votes. Jane directed the people on Zoom to put their name and address in chat. There was some confusion on this point with the attendees and with the Secretary. Some of the attendees completed the chat and some did not. The Secretary completed an attendance sheet of the attendees present on Zoom. A separate attendance sheet was completed by the attendees at LeBlond.
Police Report: Captain Jones reported activity to be similar to the month prior with reduced criminal activity, particularly in the area of theft from auto(TFA) which had spiked several months prior. He did not have a lot to report which he stated was a good thing.
Officer Butler added the offenses that did occur: 3 TFA with 2 on Wilmer and 1 on Riverside, 2 thefts with 1 at the school and 1 on Gladstone. He also stated that 2 of the regular TFA offenders have been arrested and this has contributed to the improvement we are experiencing in this area.
A question was asked regarding hunting within city limits. Officer Butler responded that there are some designated areas on nature preserves where permits can be issued for bow hunting, but not gun hunting. The police should be called if any gun hunting is suspected.
School Report: Charlene Myers reported that all of the students from Pre-K – 7 will be receiving a Christmas gift this year from donations they have received from different organizations. They are going to have a Santa Parade that will follow the same route as the Graduation Parade on Mon 12/14 & Tues 12/15. As the students drive up there will be a box for letters to Santa, they will be handed a gift, and there will be carols and Christmas music. They are very pleased to be able to provide this to the students. They are still awaiting a decision from the State regarding requirements of Senior testing as they have postponed the vote.
Charlene also announced that she will be retiring from the Principal position on March 1, 2021. She mentioned it has been a difficult year and she has some health challenges and with her years of service she is eligible to retire. This has not been announced to the students yet.
Jason Dearwester, Assistant Principal, was introduced. Mr Dearwester stated that he would be applying for the Principal position and will be happy to work with the EEAC if so assigned.
Cristan Tye extended a thank you and great deal of appreciation to many individuals who have contributed donations over the course of the pandemic and for Christmas.
Patrick Ormond announced that Tim Jordan at Riverfront Live has offered to donate $1,000 for the kids to buy gifts through Amazon for their families. Patrick requested that later in the meeting we make a motion for the EEAC to match this donation by contributing an additional $1,000 to this effort.
LeBlond Rec Center: Oliver Wuensch reported that the CRC is promoting a toy drive and are looking for nominations of 2 children in each neighborhood who would be a good fit to be recipients. Oliver has more information and looking for nominations in the East End. CRC is offering mini-camps through the Holiday Season in other locations and Oliver is available for anyone who wants more information regarding these programs. Programming update: yoga classes have ended due to instructor is a student and is returning home for winter break. Spinning is available on Tuesdays and volleyball continues to grow on Wednesdays and Fridays with an advanced volleyball session starting on Mondays. The fitness room is available but please call ahead for availability as only 3 people are permitted in the room at any one time.
Treasury Report: Jeff Stewart reported that the current balance at the end of November is $13,203.00 A motion and 2nd was made and the report was accepted.
NSP Report: Regina Moss reported all forms for 2020 were submitted in a timely manner. There were $6,078 granted and $6,076.07 spent, leaving a balance of $1.93. These funds were used for the EE brochure, map & research, neighborhood beautification, neighborhood outreach, and PO Box.
The allotted funds for 2021 will be $7,987.00. It will need to be determined how the East End will use these funds and report back to the city. Regina made several suggestions of categories these funds could be allocated to.
A motion and 2nd was made to accept the 2020 report and was accepted.
It was suggested a motion be made to determine how the 2021 funds will be allocated. Much open conversation happened at LeBlond that was not audible on Zoom. Ultimately a motion and 2nd was made to form a committee to decide how the 2021 NSP funds will be used. Anyone interested in joining the committee were direct to contact Regina Moss:, or Jane Sites:
Eden Subdivision Presentation: Terry Inman presented that Phase 1 of the Eden Development has 4 lots that has been well received with only 1 remaining available. In collaboration with Jeff Stewart he is asking for the community’s support in subdividing an additional 5 lots. Several questions were addressed and clarification was made that no variances are necessary. A motion and a 2nd was made to approve the 5 lots and they were approved.
Help for students of Riverview Academy:
Melisse May requested special funds for the staff at Riverview East Academy as their has been a shortage of staff with staff members infected and navigating the challenges of offline/online learning. In addition to educating the staff provides emotional support to the students. There are 75 staff members. The request is for the EEAC to contribute $500 that could be used for spirit wear and other apparel with the school logo. These items could worn while teaching and supporting the school culture.
Patrick Ormond then re-visited the program he explained earlier in the meeting and asked for a motion for the EEAC to approve a total of $1,500 to support these two separate programs. A motion and 2nd was made and the funding was approved.
Announcement: Oliver Wuensch announced from a Zoom message that if anyone would like to call Craig Stanton, candidate for President, with any questions, he can be reached at 443-613-1856.
Nick Motz asked for an opportunity to make a statement and this was granted. He stated that as a member he wanted this to be of record and included in the minutes. Mr Motz introduced himself and began his statement regarding a letter that was requested by the President to be read at the September EEAC meeting. When he got to the part that his letter was not read, Jane Sites stopped his statement stating this is out of order and suggested there is a process for ethical complaints and directed ethical concerns to City Councilman Greg Landsman. Mr Motz stated again that he wanted to put this on record for the minutes of this meeting. Jane stated this was out of order. An attendee on Zoom asked that Mr Motz not be interrupted. A series of statements back and forth ensued with several people speaking at once. Zoom attendees stated they wanted to hear what he has to say. Jane Sites stated this meeting is adjorned at 8:05 pm without a motion or a 2nd and no formal adjournment and ended the meeting at LeBlond. The Zoom meeting was left on by the host, Secretary Tim Hinde. Many Zoom attendees stayed on the meeting. Mr Motz was given the opportunity to make his statement. He started from the beginning and the following is the statement he made:
I’m Nick Motz
I am the current president of the 3East CDC.
I am a voting member of EEAC – property & business owner in the East End.
I am a 20+ year licensed real estate broker in OH and agnet in KY.
• EEAC President asked me to send letter from (3 East CDC) to your secretary to read to THIS body at the meeting – updating you on the Garden & Parking Project progress
• I delivered the letter to your secretary.
• Just before the meeting your secretary was instructed by your President: “Give me the letter. You will not be reading this tonite. I’ll take care of it.”
• The letter IN FACT, WAS NOT read by your President.
• And the minutes and recorded video of the Sept meeting show the President paraphrased the letter’s contents incorrectly
• the minutes also show the President’s personal interpretation of the Garden District Plan and outright false facts that were given at the meeting,
• President created the “Garden District Committee.” The minutes state specifically:
The goal of this community garden committee will be to assure inclusion and membership of residents, owners and City Departments
• Meeting was advertised as a meeting to “accept volunteers”
• No volunteer request was made at the meeting
• It was also very apparent the committee was already running in some capacity in the background WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS
• REMINDER the committee was established INCLUSIVE of OWNERS.
• I am an owner and stakeholder. MANY OF YOU ARE OWNERS AND STAKEHOLDERS
• I have now made over 4 requests to the President
• I know of at least 3 other owners/stakeholders that have experienced the same silence, and been shut out to date.
• All have fallen on deaf ears
• impartial, unbiased, fair representation of the ENTIRE COMMUNITY
• A president CANNOT take sides
• AND a president MUST let all sides be fairly represented
Mr Motz stated this concludes what he wanted to say.
Elizabeth Corcoran stated that she and her husband Joe were not aware of the forming of a Garden District Committee and her husband Joe Corcoran started the gardens over 20 years ago. She went on to say that he has not abandoned them but has fallen ill and needs help.
No one else had anything to add and the Zoom meeting was ended approximately 6 to 7 minutes after the LeBlond portion.
Jane Sites, President
Patrick Ormond, Vice President
Jeff Stewart, Treasurer
Tim Hinde, Secretary
November 2nd, 2020 Minutes
The meeting was held via Zoom and a group safely gathered at LeBlond Rec Center and joined via Zoom with a projector. In total 39 attended the meeting with 35 residents/owners.
The meeting started at 7:02 PM
A motion was made to approve the October 5th minutes and they were approved.
Police Report: Captain Jones reported an increase in theft from auto(TFA) year to date 41 v. 20, with 10 in September. There have been 0 at this point in October. More officers have been dedicated to this concern. There has been an increase in violent crime in other city neighborhoods but Not in the East End. Crime rates have been returning back to normal.
There was a bicyclist hit and killed on Eastern Ave, Attorney Steve Adams, at approximately 6:30 am on Sunday 10/04, the car fled the scene. Investigations are ongoing and they are making some headway.
Treasurer Report: Jeff Stewart reported there is a current account balance of $13,203.28 and he has the NSP paperwork prepared for Regina Moss.
LeBlond Rec Center: Oliver Wuensch reported they are looking for participants for the school assistance program at LeBlond. The City Manager’s Office of Assessability and Aging are creating an AARP Livable Communities Advisory Group and LeBlond nominated Jane Sites to this committee. LeBlond continues to pursue a grant to extend the path behind the Rec Center to St Rose and to Riverside Drive and are asking for community participation in their efforts to receive the grant for this multi-use path. This is in the early stages and no dimensions for the path have been identified at this point.
Jane Sites spoke about the proposed Oasis Path that would be located on the North railroad tracks and encouraged anyone interested to write our city council members. Mayor Cranley stated the path would be completed with two years.
School Report: Charlene Myers reported students at Riverview can now request remote learning. They are working towards how to make this happen for their students. There are approximately 50 students spanning K-12 who are requesting remote learning and the school is working on how to accommodate this change in policy and is a challenging issue. originally the students were attending the digital academy and now they are coming back to Riverview, which results in an increase in the enrollment.
She encouraged those at the meeting to vote in favor of the school levy.
She will be following up with Cristin Hodge regarding Oliver’s request for help with school assist enrollment.
Alex Mallue, Athletic Director, reported that due to COVID attendance at sporting events is limited to 15%. Tickets are limited to 2 tickets for family members per student athlete as long as it does not exceed the 15%. He thanked the community for their support of the athletic programs.
Charlene added that student Rachel Scales has been very active with the district’s diversity committee and was featured for her efforts on the Speak Up, Speak Out program.
East End Brochure:Jane Sites reported the new East End Brochure has received positive feedback. Approximately 600 were distributed at HomeArama and they are available at LeBlond Rec Center and will be available at some of our local restaurants.
Community Budget Request(CBR): Jane Sites reported that The East End request will be voted on in the Spring of 2021 and if approved these funds become available in 2022. Steve Johns added that he was invited to present the CBR plan to the 3E Business Group and it was warmly received. Steve thanked 3E for the opportunity to present.
Jane Sites reported that TJ Ackerman informed her that over 12,000 people participated in the recent HomeArama at Walworth Junction. He had only anticipated 5,000 so he was very pleased with the success and an additional 7 lots were purchased. She also reported that a permanent gate has been installed at the West end of Walworth that is only accessible by emergency vehicles.
Nominating Committee:
Regina Moss introduced the Nominating Committee for 2021 Officers are: Melisse May(513-800-7999,, Tim Hinde(513-615-5850, and Steve Johns(513-205-1486,
All were encouraged to contact anyone on the nominating committee if they waould like to nominate someone for a 2021 Officer position.
Regina added that NSP funds for 2021 will be finalized at the December 7, 2020 EEAC Meeting.
Jeff Stewart announced that he has started construction of a single family home on Worth Street that will be under roof soon. This is a test market home that will be complete and available later this winter. There are 2 additional lots available there. He also plans to develop homes along 259 Strader, along Watson near Schmidt Fields and on Wenner. A presentation will be made at the December 7, 2020 Meeting.
Aimee Huber had some questions from LeBlond, Jeff clarified there will be 7 homes built on Strader and expects to break ground in the winter or spring of ’21 and that these homes will have off street parking with a driveway and garage under home for 2 cars.
There were some additional questions from neighbors in this area from the group at LeBlond, much of this became inaudible on Zoom and people asking questions did not formerly introduce themselves. Jeff suggested they hold these questions until next month when he presents the details. There was some additional disruption in the background from LeBlond, people asking questions not in the microphone and Jane tried to relay these questions to Jeff. Jeff made some further clarifications that the home on Worth would be 2,200 sqft, the roof height will be 35 ft, and the homes will be in compliance with zoning and no variance was required. Jane suggested that Jeff be given an opportunity at the January EEAC Meeting to give a formal presentation.
Jane introduced Robin Henderson from the City Environment and Sustainability Committee who is further moving on the Garden Plan. Robin presented that the efforts in the Garden District relates to the Green Cincinnati Plan with a focus on increasing urban agriculture and maintaining green space. She hopes to assist the residents in cleaning up the planters on Strader and the parcels they lease on Worth. The city has contracted a group to help clean up the parcels on Worth so they can be leased again and gardened. Again, there were questions from the live group that were inaudible on Zoom. Robin stated that Turner Farms is being brought in to help clean the planter boxes along Babb. They are in conversation with Turner Farms and the Common Orchard Project to do some maintenance on the fruit trees. There is some discussion regarding residents helping with maintenance of some of the FEMA lots.
A motion was made:
Michael Bolan made a motion to establish an inclusive neighborhood committee for the purpose of maintaining garden parcels under leases granted by the city, as well as parcels given to the city by FEMA under covenants imposed by FEMA and are now under the jurisdiction of the City Recreation Department.
Jane Sites, President, further explained: The goal of this community garden committee will be to assure inclusion and membership of residents, owners and City Departments – we certainly want Cincinnati Recreation and possibly Cincinnati Planning and certainly Robin Henderson’s group of environment and sustainability be a part of it – to assure it’s quality and inclusive nature. The whole thing is that we want to promote stabilization and livability for all current and new residents in the East End Garden District. The land has been allowed to be neglected, and now you have new homes coming in, everything I’ve seen saying they are legally correct, there can be some adjustments and your input will be welcome in January when we look more at these plans, but at this point a motion has been made that we convene an East End Community Garden Committee that will be under the control of the East End Area Council, of which we are looking for a 2nd.  A 2nd was granted and sent to vote. The motion passed-Unanimous.
Andy Dickerson, Cardinal Land Conservancy, presented. He explained they are a small non-profit land trust that works throughout Southwest Ohio and own approximately 450 acres and have conservation or agricultural easements on approximately 7,000 acres. They are interested in protecting green space and agricultural space across the region. They were able to acquire 119 acres along the Little Miami River where it empties into the Ohio River near Four Seasons Marina. He noted that this area does flood during certain times of year and is not always accessible. He mentioned that this area is home to 7 different species of endangered wildlife and has the only bald eagle nest in the City of Cincinnati located on it. They have worked with some Eagle Scouts and now have a 1.8 mile trail that goes out along the Little Miami River and back up along the Ohio River. He added that otter tracks have been found in the area. He is hosting 2 hikes at 10:00 am on Saturday 11/07 and 11/21 and invited anyone interested to join him. He can be reached via email, please visit He would like community input as to how to further use this land in the future and how to best engage the community.
Kyle Freeman shared his plans of splitting his lot at 252 McCullough. Although no vote from the EEAC is required he wanted to inform the community. The use will remain the same with the Northern section being office and the Southern being light industrial. He further explained that he will be retaining the industrial portion for his company and selling the office portion to a company who can utilize that space. Kathie Hickey of Streetside Brewery added that she is in full support. Steve Johns thanked Mr. Freeman for informing the community of his plans and voiced his appreciation.
There was some conversation from the live LeBlond group that was inaudible on Zoom.
The Meeting adjourned at 8:13
Special East End Garden District Committee Meeting, November 10, 2020
There was a special meeting for the formation of the East End Garden District Committee on 11/10/2020. The meeting was held live at LeBlond and a group joined via Zoom. In total, 28 were present. The following minutes were prepared by Jane Sites.
November 10, 2020
EEAC Special Meeting: East End Garden Committee Discussion, Volunteer sign-up, and Announcement of the Chair of The Garden Committee
After residents approached the Cincinnati Recreation Dept., and The City Dept. of Environment and Sustainability in order to establish an inclusive neighborhood committee for the purpose of maintaining garden parcels under leases granted by the city, as well as parcels given to the city by FEMA under covenants imposed by FEMA and are now under the jurisdiction of the City Recreation Department, the EEAC meeting on November 2, 2020 included this as a motion for the meeting. This then led to a second for this motion, discussion, and resulted in a unanimous passed vote. Jane Sites requested a clarification conference call with Dan Jones (Cinti. Recreation Dept.), and Robin Henderson (Cinti. Dept. of Environment and Sustainability) to further understand the conditions and requirements of “leases granted by the City”. This discussion included the CRC’s requirement of EEAC’s approved November 2nd minutes, and a copy of EEAC’s Sept., 2020 approved minutes. The Sept. EEAC meeting passed a motion that the 260 Setchell lot in the Garden District shall remain as a CRC Garden Lot and not change zoning to include commercial use. The City leasing requires an approved agency which would provide Insurance and Liability clauses, preferably the Civic Garden Center. The Civic Garden Center would require that the commercial parking area on the Northern border of 260 Setchell be removed, as they cannot provide Liability and Insurance for a parking lot on Garden property. In addition, CRC, Environment and Sustainability, as well as the Civic Garden Center will require EEAC to name a Chair for this Community Garden Committee. All three agencies recommended Michael Bolan as a person they have worked with successfully in the past. Jane Sites approved this choice and contacted Michael Bolan. He agreed to Chair this Committee. He will have the resources of the Civic Garden Center and Turner Farms to assist him and the Garden Committee volunteers in their planning and development of the 260 Setchell lot. The work on other FEMA lots in the Garden District will need to wait until CRC has a review of the addresses and location of these lots.
Jane Sites, President
Patrick Ormond, Vice President
Jeff Stewart, Treasurer
Tim Hinde, Secretary

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Hinde