February 2021 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM and ended at 8:04 PM

2021 Board
New Board was sworn in: Craig Stanton, President; Pat Ormond, Vice President; Jeff Stewart, Treasurer; Mary Beth Wilker, Secretary; Steve Johns, City Liaison; Regina Moss, NSP manager

Start of Meeting
The new president Craig Stanton started meeting.

Minutes to Approve from December 2020
Ken Welch motioned to approve minutes. Jane Sites motioned to not approve the minutes, with a 2nd by Regina Moss. Discussion and final vote to not approve the minutes: 13 in favor, 19 opposed. December minutes accepted as originally broadcast, with no changes. 

Police Report
There was no police report. 

Riverview East Report
Charlene Myer reporting, and her last time here as she is retiring.
Congratulations Charlene!
Students are returning, vaccines are in by the 1st for staff.
Students are remote now, shooting for bringing back in April. 

Recreation Report
Kristin Riggins reporting
New programs, volleyball, yoga, spinning rentals
Call Oliver or Kristin with interest

Treasurer Report
Jeff Stewart reporting
NSP arrived $6076.07 in January
Non-profit end of year was filed

NSP Report
Regina Moss reporting
NSP allotted $7987. for 2021
Proposing $200. for PO Box, $2000. for website, $331. Constant Contact, $800., beautification, $4656 community engagement (of which Regina recommended $2000 to Pendleton Heritage, with remaining TBD).
Jeff Stewart motioned to approve, 2nd by Pat Ormond
28 in favor, 0 opposed.

Guest Speakers
Towne Properties: Chad Munitz reporting

A new apartment development across from Montgomery Inn
Older PD, is expiring will need variance and tax incentive support to put into Downtown District for zoning purposes will be filing for permit in Spring
Construction in Summer, planned
5 Stories tall with parking garage under
2BD/2BA 1000SF+ https://www.dropbox.com/s/19b4g3z5lz762dx/975%20Adams%20Crossing%20-%20Presentation%20-%20Dec%2021%202020.pdf?dl=0

Fulton Yards Coffee: Greg & Katie Dorr reporting
Fulton Yards is coffee concept based off of shipping yards in 1800s
Will be a gathering space, creative space, artist element
Urban blend for the coffee, pastries and charcuterie.
3301 Riverside Drive near to Eli's and HiMark

Old Biz
None stated.

New Biz
Gavi Betrup reporting
Running for Mayor of Cincinnati
Platform intro, trying to turn things around
Cincy population is stagnant - is his platform.

Turner Farms
Peter Huttinger reporting
2/20, working on the fruit trees
Welcome to join small clinic
peter@TurnerFarm.org for questions/interest

Donald Abrahamson
1909 Riverside Drive residents
Sign maintenance - Sign looks bad, asking for ongoing maintenance will take to committee to discuss

Tanya Henderson
Website not getting done, want it updated on regular basis requiring a maintenance package. Mary Beth stated that Daniel Traicoff is recommended to handling this going forward and is familiar with the platform. The site, that was built back in 07, needs to be updated. The new site will have a form to speak fill out to present at the next meeting, minutes will be on the site, link for zoom call, etc.
Robin Henderson would like an option besides the site to sign up...
Fawn Thompson, would like competitive bids for the site.
Regina has a few vendor options too.

Meeting End
Motion by Steve Johns to adjourn meeting. Fawn Thompson 2nded, Vote in favor.

Next meeting is March 1!