June 2021 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM

Pat Ormond, VP Presiding

May Minutes were approved.

Police Report / Officer Butler
- Do not leave anything visible in your car. Auto theft is up and targets gyms, trail and public places. Do not leave anything visible in your car.

Riverview East School Report / Rebecca Wolf
- Schools out for the SUMMER!
- No more uniforms next year
- Clean up after yourself if you are on the school property - trash that is.

Recreation Report / Oliver Wuensch
- Camps are started, two camps in session, one inside, one outside.
- Composting - small mailing list of interest, tumblers coming soon
- No gym time available, call before you come.
- 4-6 on Thursdays is open pickle ball

Treasurer's Report / Jeff Stewart
Treasury Report was accepted

3ECDC / Matt Ackermann
- NBDIP funds presented for both East End and Columbia Tusculum
- EE - Final funding for the Babb Alley angled parking 
- CT - working on traffic slowing on Eastern, study and bump outs
- New Owners of McCullough complex are excited to be part

NSP Report / Regina Moss
- No NSP check yet
- Keep Cincinnati Beautiful - Looking for taglines to accompany "East End is beautiful because..." These signs are in the making and we are looking for suggestions on where to put them.

Presidents Report / Pat Ormond
LeBlond Pool Discussion
- The pool will not be open this year. May have a Coney Day for EE kids this year?

City Liaison Report / Steve Johns
- Steve Johns spoke to the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) and is looking for committee members. If you want to be a part of this committee contact: cincijohns@gmail.com or call 513-205-1486
- Currently he has pro-bono help from EE attorney now and Invest In Neighborhoods.

Garden Committee / Peter Huttinger
- Finalizing the lawn mower exchange with Joe Corcoran.

Guest Speakers
- Irish Heritage Center has significant financial impact from Covid. Kent Covey and Maureen Kennedy presented briefly news about the Irish Heritage Center. It's been in the East End for 12 years. They have a Pub opens at 6 on Thursdays, along with free music. They have a library, theater, concert hall, children's room, teas, plays, etc. They are looking to renovate the 3rd floor and want to get support for $200K from the Federal Covid Grant and support from the Area Council. Pat asked for motion for support for the Irish Heritage Center to go after grant. Unanimous to support the effort.
- Lakesha Cook - Running for Cincy Council
Intro and asking for support next election

Meeting Adjourned
Meeting was adjourned at 7:48 PM