April 2021 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM
March Minutes: motioned and approved.

Police Report / Officer Butler
The East End and Columbia Tusculum – specifically Wilmer – has been hit hard via auto theft. Officers are ticketing your auto with a pink notice card to bring more awareness of auto theft going on. Game plan: Do not leave anything visible in your car.
Riverview East Report / Becky Wolf
Not able to make it this month.
Recreation Report / Oliver Wuensch
– Outdoor Adventure Camp – registration is open (sign up now only 15 spots available) 10-14 ages. Weeks of June 7, 2, July 26, August 2, 9.
– Looking at options for a Composting Program: using CRC land in the garden district. Please respond to the following questionnaire. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQUAnBfxn_ng_yW3p6ghZIYG0q41B2ggocNKMIuU7gMb4

Treasurer’s Report / Jeff Stewart
Balance $14,711. NSP Fund Expenses for month: $2000. – Pendleton, $100 – Mt Carmel Church, $150. Flywheel for website)
Motioned and approved.

3East CDC Liaison / Matt Ackermann
– The Oasis bike path on the rail line is finally happening! The 3ECDC has also acquired funding – as has our association – from the City. This year they have $3500 for beautification for the East End Business District and $3500 for the Columbia Tusculum Business District. Call or email Matt for any new ideas on the pot of money. We are all in this together.

NSP Report / Regina Moss
– NPS report proposal has been filed. No response from the city.

Presidents Report / Craig Stanton
– Renter on Riverside “Trump flag” and “Biden hate flags” free speech issue, nothing we can do.
– New home builds convo @ last meeting: building permits are valid and conforming.
– Issues around voting validity: new sign in sheet for accountability and forward.

City Liaison Report / Steve Johns
Steve Johns spoke to the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) and is looking for committee members. June 2021 will be 18 months and opportunity for funding for our community and individual property repairs.
– If you want to be a part of this committee contact: cincijohns@gmail.com or call 513-205-1486.
Also addressed the Watson Parking Project funding request – still awaiting answer.

EEAC Website Report / Mary Beth Wilker
Presented the new EEAC website. If anyone would like to add additional “East End History” please send information to Mary Beth: eastendcincy@gmail.com

Guest Speaker / City of Cincinnati
Steve Pacella & Daniel Betts from the Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) and Katrina Gragston from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) provided recommendations around the public parking areas to compromise and meet the objectives of the Garden District Plan approved by council, and now 4 years in the making. They also engaged the following departments:
Office of Environment and Sustainability (OES)
Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE)
City of Cincinnati Planning
Our community has received funds for the proposed parking in 2020 and 2021 totaling- $150,000. With so much funding on the line – Diego Jordan from the Department of Transportation Engineering, proposed a viable alternative: angled parking spaces along Babb Alley with 32 spaces, for residents and guests. And, the proposal concept would not infringe on the Setchell garden plots.

Guest Speaker / Carol Giffs
People are looking for funds to help people with home repairs. HERS – Carol Giffs

Guest Speakers / Peter Huttinger
Turner Farms has work and learn sessions, 27 youth group with parents took gardening classes. Gardening classes will begin again.
Meeting End
Meeting adjournedThe meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Actions TakenJanuary Minutes: motioned and approved.Treasurer’s report: Jeff Stewart ($17,266. Balance) motioned and approved.Website contractor: move forward with lowest bid. motioned and approved.

Police ReportOfficer Butler – break in at UDF, keep your cars clear and safe. Riverview East ReportWelcome new principal Becky Wolf! Recreation ReportOliver Wuensch – Spinning / Yoga Classes are available and Composting will come soon
Presidents ReportCraig Stanton is looking to correct the audio echo at LeBlond- liquor license at Fulton approved- 3East CDC liaison Matt Ackermann spoke briefly about the business district. Welcome Matt. If you have questions about what’s going on in the business district contact: matt@ackermann-cpa.com– EEAC website 3 bids, moving forward with the lowest bid. Mary Beth Wilker will direct.- Riverside Drive cobble stones will be set aside and used in public garden areas NSP ReportRegina Moss – Completed NSP report. has suggestions going to committee

City Liaison report: Steve Johns spoke to the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) and is looking for committee members. June 2021 will be 18 months and opportunity for funding for our community and individual property repairs.- If you want to be a part of this committee contact: cincijohns@gmail.com or call 513-205-1486.- There was a discussion about affordable housing in the East End and assistance for those in need. – Jane Sites mentioned – HERS TIF FUNDING and that Carol Gibs from Mt Auburn knows more.- Melisse May suggests: United Way – Project Lifthttps://www.uwgc.org/community-impact/project-lift?utm_source=mc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_moirasmessage&utm_term=text&utm_content=2021021817B
Guest SpeakersAndy Dickerson from Cardinal Land Conservancy Little Miami River Nature Preserve Trail.- Shared eagles nesting, Park will not open until May- Looking for volunteers. Possibly students from Riverview East Academy. Contact: andy@cardinallandconservancy.org
Old BizJeff Stewart – submitted plans for 259 Strader, Zack Davidson questions about garages. Plans submitted and Craig Stanton suggest we take this up in the next meeting. 
DiscussionsPatrick Ormond – PedalFest a new event is expected in late Aug/Sept depending on other events- Expected to go from 4 Seasons Marina to downtown Cincinnati.- Looking for sponsors and volunteers. More to come in April.
Meeting End Motion at 7:51 PM meeting was adjourned. Next Board meeting: April 5th @ 7PM