October 4, 2021

The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 8:07 PM

Minutes to Approve
- September minutes: 1st & 2nd motion, accepted

Police Report: Office Butler
- Stats: no violet crimes, 1 burglar, 1 theft and 2 personal theft offenses
- National Drug Takeback is October 23rd from 10AM – 2PM in Mt Washington @ Health Source Cincinnati, 6131 Campus Lane. Bring any prescription drugs you have from home to be deposed of properly by authorities or drop off at any time your Local District 2 Police @ 3291 Erie Avenue in Hyde Park.


Flying Pig Marathon, Tim Hinde
“VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!”  Go to: eastendcincy.com to sign up.
- Please sign up and get a FREE T-shirt!
- Join us for the Flying Pig/Queen Bee! Come anytime to help cheer End!
- Cheer Location: October 31 is the date @ Mile 21 of 26 Base of Delta and Riverside @ bridge.
If you have questions contact Tim Hinde @ 513.615.5850


East End Pre-Pig Clean-Up, Patrick Ormond and Craig Stanton
- Focus is to clean-up in the area prior to race on Oct 31st
- The city will provide street cleaning.
- Looking for young people to help with the clean-up.
- Regina suggested contact Keep Cincinnati Beautiful - for clean up, too.


Riverview Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Professional clothes for students to go interviews
- ACT Test Start Saturday 11AM


President Report, Craig Stanton
- NSP funds - $56.
- We got a donation from 3 East CDC of $500 for helping Flying Pig Cleanup.
- Please volunteer @ Flying Pig Cheer Station to get the $800 donation to EEAC!


Recreation Report, Oliver Wuensch/April Chappell
- Fall Hours 10 AM-8 PM, Saturday open 10 AM-3 PM for public access
- Summer camp is over and Fall program is as follows:
- Yoga Wednesday @ 7 PM – 8 PM
- Homeschool Gym + $25.
- Wheelchair Football
- Wheelchair Basketball Tuesday & Thursday 6 PM – 8 PM
- Strength Training, Tuesday & Thursday 6 PM
- Speed and Agility, Monday & Wednesday 6 PM
- Open Youth Badminton, Friday 5 PM – 8 PM
- Dance Sampler
- Open Pickleball Tuesday, Thursday 10:30 AM -12:30 PM
- Open Volleyballs - meetup.com to reserve space
- Homeschool Gym program starts Thursday (sports education)
- Teen fitness program (Spring) and Senior programs coming next
- Composting drop off is Monday & Thursday only 4:30-5:30 PM
- Free bins - we have over 225lbs of composting!
- Hope to get the POOL open next year!


Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart
- NSP funds were given to Pendleton Center and Chad Jones for landscaping expenses. 1st & 2nd motion, accepted

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- Received check and amendment to proposed report and changed categories

$56. Dollars left in 2021
- Planning on 2022 funding to be at least the same as 2021 or more
- EEAC is part of review committee for all NSP neighborhoods - honor! 1st & 2nd motion, accepted


Bylaws & TIFF, Steve Johns
- The recommended bylaws updates are being reviewed by the board prior to presenting to public, the updated bylaws will be presented in 2022.


Garden Committee, Micheal Bolan, Peter Huttinger, Kathy Schwab
- Mowing Program (Thank you Mike Schott, Tim White and Fred White)
- Teaching Garden; harvesting fall greens and vegetables

- Feel free to stop down
- Happy to see the residents involvement
- Turner Farm Community Garden Program @ peter@turnerfarm.org
- Applied for the Gateway Garden Grant by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful - $19,000 grant / $13,000. Cash, with match
- 2022 NSP funds to help beautify the business district and the neighborhood community $5000. In-kind)
- Turner Farms is a gift to the East End Community
- Focus is on clean up, adding more plants and flowers
- Craig Stanton asked if we could plant something Intersection of Delta and Riverside and answer is likely YES!
- Pavers are available and may be incorporate


Nomination Committee, Michelle Tebeau
- Michelle Tebeau is chair. Jane Sites stepped down from committee and Fawn Thompson and Kathy Schwab stepped up to replace – thank you both!
- Nominating committee is accepting applications for any position on the board. Contact any @:
Michelle Tebeau, stjohngroup@cinci.rr.com
Nick Motz, nick@gowithmotz.com
Fawn Thompson, fawnt@comcast.net
Kathy Schwab, KathyLakerSchwab@gmail.com


Cincinnati City Council Candidates
Two different candidates spoke for your vote:
- Kurt Grossman - GrossmanforCouncil.com
- Nick Jabin - nickjabin4cincinnaticouncil@gmail.com


No New Business

Old Business, Elizabeth Bartley

- Applications are needed for NAF, call Elizabeth @ 513-200-9782 or
- Regina Moss asked where the CT bus stop benches came from and Matt Ackermann


Motion to Adjourn
- 1st & 2nd motion, accepted
Attendance (45) at the meeting:
Zoom, 30 people & In-Person Le Blond,15 people
Visit: our website at eastendcincy.org for more information.