September 27th MEETING MINUTES
The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 8:04 PM
Start of Meeting President Craig Stanton started meeting.
Minutes to Approve June minutes were approved.
Police Report, Officer Butler
Crime report: we are way below our average reporting of crimes.
• Police National Night Out is October 5th from 4:30PM – 7:00PM in O’bryonville @ Owl Nest Park, Madison Avenue. Go and support Cincinnati Police District Two! (LEARN MORE HERE)
• National Drug Take-Back is October 23rd from 10AM – 2PM in Mt Washington @ Health Source Cincinnati, 6131 Campus Lane (Bring any prescription drugs you have from home to be deposed of properly by authorities or drop off at any time your Local District 2 Police @ 3291 Erie Avenue in Hyde Park. (LEARN MORE HERE)
Flying Pig Marathon & Queen Bee Need Volunteers, Tim Hinde
VOLUNTEER — Join us for the Flying Pig! Come anytime to help cheer in the East End. Questions call Tim @ 513.615.5850 (VOLUNTEER HERE)
Riverview Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Need kindergartens and elementary students because of transportation shift.
- Doing outdoor school trips to Green Acres, Lady Hawks Volleyball Season, Homecoming for Basketball, Planning for a 2022 Football Team. Have a new Athletic Director.
President Report, Craig Stanton
- NSP remains funds are going to Pendleton Center for repairs. They are also working with Home Depot on assistance.
- Spending some money on the LeBlonde Rec Center audio system for in-person meetings.
- City of Cincinnati has cobblestones that we’re dug up from the street. What do we want to do with them?
Recreation Report, Oliver Wuensch
- Fall Hours 10AM-8PM, + October Sat open 10AM-3PM for public
- Composting is active, Drop off compost is 4:30-5:30 Monday & Thursday only.
Summer camp is over and Fall program is as follows:
- Yoga Wed @ 7PM
- Strength Training, Tues & Thur 6PM
- Speed and Agility, Mon & Wed 6PM
- Open Badminton, Wed
- Open Volleyballs - to reserve space
- Home school Gym program starts Thursday (sports education)
- Teen fitness program (Spring) and Senior programs coming next.
Hoping to get the POOL open next year!
Treasurer Report, There was no treasure report
NSP Report, There was no NSP report
Business Report, There was no business report
ByLaws & TIFF Report, Steve Johns
- Update to come at the next meeting
Nomination Committee, Nick Motz, Jane Sites and Michelle Tebeau
November 1st presentation- please step up for the position and vote will be December 2021
Nick Motz,, 513-615-1999
Jane Sites,, 513-476-4580
Attendance at the meeting:
Zoom attendance, 14 people
Le Blond attendance, 14 people
Craig Stanton, President
Pat Ormond, Vice President
Jeff Stewart, Treasurer
Mary Beth Wilker, Secretary
Steve Johns, City of Cincinnati Liaison
Regina Moss, NSP Manager
Let's all stay positive and respect one another as we move into new territories.
Take a step toward unity, community and a better world.