About East End Community Council

THE EAST END AREA COUNCIL OF CINCINNATI, OHIO, Inc.”, is an Ohio not-for-profit corporation, it is typically referred to as the East End Area Council or EEAC.

This Council is an organization through which residents, neighborhood groups, business owners and others interested in the East End Area may plan and promote actions and activities to address community needs, services and growth. The purpose is:
• To promote better relationships among residents living in the East End Area.
• To develop and promote a feeling of group cooperation in the community.
• To address the social welfare needs of the community.
• To promote discussion of, and action on, matters of community interest and importance.
• To bring educational, economic, and cultural opportunities to the residents of the community and to encourage and facilitate participation in these activities.
• To promote the economic development and well being of the community.

Membership is open to any person over eighteen (18) years of age who is a resident, business owner, or property owner in the East End Area with an interest in the purpose of the organization.

East End Community Council Meetings

The EEAC typically meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm

To join in person:
LeBlond Recreation Center
2335 Riverside Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

To join virtually, visit our calendar for the most up to date link. 

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Meetings typically include updates from District 2 Police, Riverfront East Academy; our local public school and health clinic, the LeBlond Recreation Center, information sharing about EEAC activities such as our routine” Meet and Greet” social activities, and opportunities to hear from city officials and elected leaders.

Guest Speakers are always welcome, and may include:

  • property developers
  • new businesses
  • civic organizations
  • misc information & Feedback

To inquire about being put on the agenda please contact the Submit a Form.

The EEAC has a Board of Directors that typically meets once per month in addition to the general monthly meeting. If you would like to meet with the Board or put a matter before the Board feel free to contact the President or any Board Member.

Finally the EEAC is always looking for new ideas and new members, so please join us for a meeting, volunteer event or social activity.

East End Community Council Board Members

Craig Stanton - President
Email EEACPrez@gmail.com

Steve Johns - Vice President

Kathy Schwab - Treasurer

Mary Beth Wilker - Secretary
Email eastendcincy@gmail.com

Regina Moss - NSP manager