East End Development Resources

The East End Garden District is a focus area for East End development. It is a designated area that spans from Schmidt Field to Delta Avenue in the east-west direction and from Riverside Dr. to the Ohio River in the north-south direction.  With vacant lots, access to recreational amenities and growing businesses, it has much to offer the neighborhood and visitors alike.

Over the course of the past several years, the East End Area Council has been able to partner with supporters who have helped up evaluate the area and identify potential options for development. LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation led by Executive Director Kathy Schwab) helped the East End find funding and resources for fundamental evaluation of our area demographics, housing and zoning.  Director Frank Russell and the students at the Niehoff.

Urban Studio at the University of Cincinnati provided student resources with housing and landscaping architecture expertise.  The culminating event was a design competition for in-fill housing led by Mr. Russell.  The East End is extremely grateful for the help of these individuals.

The studies from these collaborations can be found on the following links in the order they were generated.

Garden District Plan & East End Studies


Presentation Phase I
Presentation Phase II
Presentation Phase III
Green Futures Report

In-fill Housing Design Competition

Design Brief
All Entries
1st Place Winning Entry from Kyle Winston Poster & Narrative

Having this foundational understanding of the Garden District, it enabled the East End to move to the next step and launch a formal Land Use Study with the Cincinnati Department of Community Development. City Planner Justin Lamorella is leading this effort with the East End residents under the sponsorship of Supervising City Planner Katherine Keough-Jurs. There have been two broad convening meetings to date and the summaries of those meetings follow. Mr. Lamorella collected information into a helpful map and parking analyses. The Land Use Study remains a work in progress and additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Summary of East End Kickoff on 1/28/15
Summary of East End Meeting with Advisors on 3/23/15
Garden District Base Plan
Garden District Parking Supply Estimation
Garden District Parking Calculations