April 3rd, 2023 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – April 3rd, 2023

The meeting called to order at 7:04 PM and ended at 7:40 PM

March Meeting Minutes were Approved.

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown

- There was no police report
- If you have any questions or concerns call officer Brown @ 513-979-4429

Riverview Report,
Rebecca Wolf

- Everything at school is going smoothly, coming back from spring break, testing is coming up
- Getting a Graters truck which a law firm is donating
- Graduations is May 16th
- Seeking teacher’s aides for all of Cincinnati Public Schools!
- Planning professional development for teachers
- There will not be any summer programming at Riverview East they are working on repairs in the building. All summer programs for Riverview East will be at Oyler Public School


Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton

- Construction has been delayed on new turf installation, Donor is installing a turf farm at LeBlond
- No news on the pool opening
- Training for lifeguards has been going on
- Links for job are listed below:



Treasury Report, Kathy Schwab

Checking Balance $9,633.63
+ NSP Funds 2023 $9,872.00
Savings Balance $8,086.45
Total Funds $27,592.08


Presidents Report, Craig Stanton

- Working on what to do with the cobble stones that were saved
- Water Main is being worked on Riverside again (we are not sure exactly but the street will be closed down after Flying Pig)
- Sent mailer out for membership (roughly 20 people signed up online for the email news blasts), we now have a permit number for non-profit
- We have a young lady homeless in the community, we want to help her. She is in need of a job. She was a nurse but lost her job during Covid. If you know of a job or would like to help her please contact Craig Stanton at 443-613-1856

NSP Report,
Regina Moss

- We received the NSP Funds $9,872.00, this money need to be spent by late November 2023 on communication, beautifications, community events


3ECDC Business Report, Nick Motz

- There was no report from the business district
- For more information: 3 East Community Development Corporation click here


Garden Committee, Kathy Schwab
- Applied for KCB grant, asked for $9,000 and got $2,400 for beautification of the Garden entrance
- April 22nd meeting at 2 PM on Saturday to learn garden tips from Turner Farms


East End Clean Up has been rescheduled for April 22nd, Mary Beth Wilker
- View the East End website home page for all meeting dates, contact info and neighborhood events
- The March 4 th East End Clean Up was canceled because of lack of interest from the community, and rescheduled for April 22nd.
- Sign up for the East End Clean Up — Click under — Keep Cincinnati Beautiful — sign up for the East End event


Flying Pig Marathon, Tim Hinde
- The Flying Pig is scheduled for Sunday May 7th, 25th Anniversary
- Sign up for the East End Cheer Station at Delta & Riverside to cheer on the runners and support the EE!
- They are expecting 40,000 runners for the full marathon and are totally sold out this year
- We need three more volunteers for the Cheer Section, please sign up with the code: East End


There were no speakers or new business concerns

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted

Visit: our website at eastendcincy.org for more information.