May 1st, 2023 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – May 1st, 2023

The meeting called to order at 7:04 PM and ended at 8:00 PM

Apriil Meeting Minutes were approved.

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown

- One aggravated burglary, one burglary, one auto theft
- Please call in if there are any issues: loud noise, abandon car, homelessness in your neighborhood
- Starting October 5th, no cell phones in the car while driving. There are more and more issues with accidents because of drivers holding their cell phone, pull over and take the call if you must. Police will now pull you over and ticket you if you are holding a cell phone while driving.
- If you have any questions or concerns call officer Brown:

Riverview Report,
Rebecca Wolf

- Everything at school is going smoothly, coming back from spring break, testing is coming up
- Graeter's truck was donated by a law firm for the kids
- Graduations is May 16th
- There will not be any summer programming at Riverview East they are working on repairs on the roof of the school. All summer programs for Riverview East will be at Oyler Public School


Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton

- Construction has been delayed on new turf installation, Donor is installing a turf farm at LeBlond
- No news on the pool opening
- Training for lifeguards has been going on, please sign up and learn CPR.
- Links for job are listed below:


Treasury Report, Kathy Schwab

- There is no treasurer report


Presidents Report, Craig Stanton was absent and VP, Steve Johns stepped in

- If there are any issues you have call #311 – to get city support (potholes, trash, cars, etc.)
- Speed calming was requested on Riverside Drive
- Thanks to Mary Beth for organizing the KCB East End clean up
- Water Main is being worked on Riverside again (we are not sure exactly but the street will be closed down after Flying Pig)
- Parking on Babb Alley is in process with the city, a question came up with property owned by Richard Spicer in which the board is working with Richard. Additions questions came up at Leblond about the parking plan accepted and approved back in May 2021.

NSP Report,
Regina Moss

- We received the NSP Funds $9,872.00, this money needs to be spent by late November 2023 on communication, beautifications, community event scheduled in Saturday, June 17th


3ECDC Business Report, Matt Ackermann

- There was no report from the business district because — we ran out of time – however for the record Matt was present and ready to report.


Garden Committee, Kathy Schwab
- Applied for KCB grant, asked for $9,000 and got $2,400 for beautification of the Garden entrance
- April 22nd meeting at 2 PM on Saturday to learn garden tips from Turner Farms


East End Clean Up has been rescheduled for April 22nd, Mary Beth Wilker
- The Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, East End Clean Up was Saturday 35 people who showed up, Mary Beth said, “sadly only 5 volunteers from the East End neighborhood the rest were from Delta/Northern KY and GE Credit Union.” See photos here
- Big thanks especially to Nick Motz and Tim Hinde for grabbing over 75 tires in the East End mostly found on Hoff Ave!


Flying Pig Marathon, Tim Hinde
- The Flying Pig is scheduled for Sunday May 7th, 25th Anniversary
- We need three more volunteers for the Cheer Section, please sign up with the code: East End


There was no time for our speakers Rico Blackman, Executive Director, Black Power Initiative Director of Community Organizing, Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition or Matt Ackermann from the business group to speak, we ran out of time because LeBlond closes at 8PM.

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted

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