October 3rd, 2022 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – October 3rd 2022

The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 8:04 PM

September minutes were approved.

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown

Please call Officer Brown anytime regarding issues or concerns
Hours: M-F 6-2

Non-Emergency issue call: 513-765-1212
In case of an emergency call: 911

- Report: 28 days (Sept 6 - Oct 3), 6 auto thefts and 1 personal theft. Report cards on awareness
- Surveillance of parking lots (Don’t leave your personal belongings out in the car)
- Don’t leave your garage door open
Kevin transferred to District 3 because it’s closer to home

Riverview East Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Homecoming event we won!
- New football team
- New assistance principle from Cleveland
- Flag is at half-staff flag at the school?
- Home football game are at Mt St Joe, if you have ideas from another field location for next year please submit to us.

Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton
Waiting for a date on the LeBlond trail to continue along the river and new treadmills
- If you have questions or comments contact: Taylor.Singleton@cincinnati-oh.gov 513-535-4739

Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart
$27,964.  Current Balance

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- Final report for NSP was submitted.
- Thank you for Jeff Stewart
- Everything is on board moving forward for 2023!

3ECDC Business Report, Nick Motz
- Parking on Babb Alley will happen in Spring 2023
- Received money from city and are planning a community engagement party: October 30th (3:30-6 PM) at the Carnegie Art Center.
- Activating a Farmer/Art Market for the community

East End Garden District Committee, Kathy Schwab
- Kathy Schwab a survey was sent out for the (CBR) CAPITAL BUDGET REQUEST GRANT
The following 3 projects were submitted by the East End for the CBR funding in the city's 2024-25 budget.  The city will not make any budget recommendations for neighborhood projects for at least a year.
- East End Connectivity to add benches, trash cans, and bike racks and a Red Bike station to support the work CRC is doing from LeBlond to St. Rose.
- A Community vision process for the Duke Energy Propane Cavern disposition project along with site preparation and early action items.
- Street and sidewalk improvements to Babb Alley, Setchel St and the paper Alley behind the businesses along Riverside to build upon the growth of the Business District and the CRC land as a Garden District.

Presidents Report, Craig Stanton
- Firehouse would be a wonderful asset for the community, possibly an art or community center

Neighbors Network, Mary Beth Wilker
- Special Guest: Mary E. Day, Development Director from Pro Seniors, Inc.

View presentation here!

Nomination Committee 2023
Thank you for volunteering — Kathy Schwab & Anna Schmitz
- No one has committed to run for any positions this year but next year some are considering to run.
- Kathy Schwab was nominated by Steve Johns for Treasurers position in 2023.

Historic Video
If anyone has historic story or memory to share about the East End please contact Mary Beth. She is currently preparing a couple videos sharing the heart of the East End.

Open Discussion:
Where is the snow blower, lawn mower, equipment, Snow cone machine, popcorn popper.

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted