March 6th, 2023 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – March 6th 2023

The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 8:15 PM

Minutes Approved

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown

- In the last 28 days there were two thefts from autos and two personal thefts
- There was an assault on riverside drive but no gun was used

School Report,
Rebecca Wolf

- Basketball team has been awarded
- Authors night
- Budgeting and Staffing: In need of teachers, teacher aids and security aid
- Looking forward to next year


Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton

- Fundraiser is live online and there is a related link on the EEAC to support LeBlond on the EEAC

- Consider working at LeBlond


Treasury Report, Kathy Schwab

- Finalized updates to the
- NAF: spent money for a mailer to reach out for new membership
- Total savings of $17,720 total in our accounts this does not include NSP funds as we have not yet received that funding.

Expenses for February included:
NAF funds upgrades for LeBlond - $867.37
NAF Community-wide mailing - $9395.19
Zoom & Hubspot annual fee   $561.52
Postage $290.00
Beginning balance 2/1/23 $20,747
Ending checking Balance:  $9633.63
Savings balance                    8,086.45

Total EEAC Accounts -  $17,720.08

- how do you want to spend these funds?

We want to hear from the community: What do you want to spend funds on?


Presidents Report, Craig Stanton

- There was no presidents report

NSP Report,
Regina Moss

- Everything was filed for 2023 and approved
- Categories (beautification, communication and community outreach) were designated we are just waiting for a check


3ECDC Business Report,: Nick Motz

- There was no business report


Garden Report, Kathy Schwab


Neighbor Network, Mary Beth Wilker
- we will not have any additional speakers for neighborhood network however materials and resources will be added to the East End website
- Keep Cincinnati Beautiful - East End Clean Up
- we didn’t have enough volunteers for the clean up so we rescheduled for April 22nd. Please sign up for the April 22nd Clean Up Here


Flying Pig Marathon, Tim Hinde
Sunday May 7th, 25th AnniversaryCheer Station Delta & Riverside to cheer on the runners. It’s about our neighborhood
- Tim Hinde spoke on the Flying Pig Cheer Section, please sign up to volunteer even if it’s just for an hour. Please sign up so we can reach our goals with 20 volunteers.


Garden District, Peter Huttinger
- Meet up in late March
- Peter from Turner Farms will provide some suggestion
- Rebuilding the fence for Turner Farms to improve the garden esthetics
- There are still garden beds available, reach out to Kathy Schwab or Peter


Kathy Schwab spoke on behalf of spending funds:
- What are the needs we have as a community???
- Beautification (Benches for bus stops, etc.) and Community Outreach (Engagement Committee is needed)
- Bus Benches around community (along Riverside & Glass is broken west side of Colllins)
Change bus stop sign on Brown Street – Clean up and add Bench
Clean-up and maintenance – School bus stop that need cleared for safety, areas in the community CRC cannot respond to (TBD)
Babb Alley after the parking is completed.

Support our Community Partners:
Riverview East projects: $1,000 for capital campaign; pantry supplies & Rug
Pendleton Center
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church
Fix up Setchel playground
Signage and doggie bags stations
Community flags along Riverside – East End neighborhood flag
Support bonus for lifeguards at LeBlond pool
The RR overpass at Delta
Signage – Garden district, Clean up after pets, Riverside Academy sign

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted

Visit: our website at for more information.