January 9th, 2023 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – January 9th 2023

14 Attendees on Zoom + LeBlond

6:59 Meeting begins

Motion to approve December Minutes was approved, no objections

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown: not present

School Report, Rebecca Wolf: not present

Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton

  • LeBlond Trail/Path to St Rose is complete
  • New treadmills are in the exercise room
  • The Cincinnati Reds community fund will be making improvements to the baseball field infield, turf, dugouts and fencing.

Treasury Report, Kathy Schwab:

  • In addition to the path, some benches have been added.
  • As new Treasurer, has been doing books for 30+ years but needs to update Quicken Books and will have a report next month. Knows we have approximately $20,000+ currently in our account.

Presidents Report, Craig Stanton

  • EEAC donated $500 to Mat Carmel Church for Christmas and also sent money to the school.
  • Craig wants to plan an in person planning meeting, location to be determined, contact Craig if you are interested in attending the meeting,
  • Kathy suggested sending an invite email out to the EEAC email list, Craig will talk with Mary Beth regarding this.

NSP Report, Regina Moss

  • Presented ideas for 2023 recommendations to disburse the $9,872.00 that was granted to all communities. Suggested 3 categories: 1. Communications $3,372.00 2. Neighborhood Improvement $2,500.00 3. Quality of life $4,000
  • Motion to approved was approved. Proposal to be sent to NSP by February 6, 2023.

3E CDC Report: no one present

Speaker, Breanna Williams: sound echoing, couldn’t understand, logged off and re-joined

Garden Report, Kathy: no garden report

Craig: we expect to have the updated meeting equipment at LeBlond 1/24/23 in time for the February EEAC meeting.

Breanna Williams is back and can hear her: she is Program Director for 55 North, merged with Meals on Wheels, also offers transportation services to the elderly. Introduced 2 programs:

  1. Digital Connect: Offers tablet, internet, and tech support to individuals who qualify by age and income.
  2. Swipe ‘N Dine: an opportunity for older adults to gather, socialize and have a meal together at a local restaurant, funded by Council on Aging. Looking for cooperating East End restaurants and hope to negotiate
    special rates.

New Business: Barb Lichtenstein

  • Is concerned about dumping on Wenner and other debris on Setchell,
    suggested a street light be installed, dumping may be happening at night.
  • Craig suggested reporting to the
    city. Kathy added that the CBR that was submitted included street improvements.
  • Craig mentioned that plans to repave Wenner are back on the books.
  • Also, that City Council will vote on the EE Business District parking proposal on January 20th.

Steve Johns reached out to Duke, and a representative will attend our next meeting for an update.

Regina asked if we are still trying to get neighborhood benches, similar to those in Columbia-Tusculaum, Kathy discussed replacing some and adding some near Schmidt.

Joe Zimmerman mentioned not being happy with the businesses and the parking.

Craig offered to meet with Joe and business owners to discuss.

There was a lot of background noise and discussion at LeBlond that became difficult to hear.

A motion was made to adjourn, it was approved, and the meeting ended at 7:45 pm.