Upcoming Meeting:  Feb 7, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting Agenda February 7th, 2022

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Police Report, Officer Butler
  3. School Report, Rebecca Wolf
  4. Rec Report, Oliver Wuensch
  5. Treasury Report, Jeff Stewart
  6. NSP Report, Regina Moss
  7. Presidents Report, Craig Stanton
  8. 3E CDC Report, Matt Ackermann
  9. Garden District Report, Kathy Schwab
  10. Old Business
  11. New Business


Meeting Minutes January 3rd, 2021

The meeting called to order at 7:01 PM and ended at 7:50PM

Minutes to Approved: November minutes were approved.

Jane Sites stated there were no copies of minutes or sign-in sheet at LeBlond, wanted them read. Mary Beth Wilker read entire Dec minutes, then they were accepted.

Police Report: Office Butler

Crime report was presented and was minimal theft


Riverview Report, Rebecca Wolf

There was no Riverview East report


Recreation Report, Oliver Wuensch

Yoga, Thursday at 7PM (Carrie will be notified)

Spinning, Wednesday at 7PM

Homeschool Gym, Thursday afternoon 1-3PM

Basketball rentals or wheelchair

Toy Drive was a success through CRC

The Rec Center will be Closed, Monday, January 17th


Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart

There was no treasurers report.


NSP Report, Regina Moss

2022 Paper work is ready and will have in hard copies for signatures from board, by end of this week.


President Report, Craig Stanton

- We received NAF $10,000. funds to improve video and audio at Leblond for online technology

- Email and cellphone are on the website for Craig so you can call or email him anytime!

- Lunken Airport Project, everyone seems to like this opportunity for the community.


3ECDC Business Report, Matt Ackermann

Approved 2022 officers: Nick Motz/President, Chad Nichols/VP, Matt Ackermann/Treasurer Tiffany Volmer /Secretary. Received Neighborhood Activation Fund/Grant Approval $10000, Advanced Neighborhood $3500/CT&EE ($7000), Reimbursement NBDSF $3850. ($20000 total)


Bylaws & TIFF, Steve Johns

Copies for you to take home. Take them home and study them. To be discussed at the Feb meeting after you digest.

This started with the legality of Zoom meetings. Once we got into it there are a lot of conflicts:

1) outdated

2) boundaries are a mess, running through houses and neighborhoods

3) who is eligible to vote and tracking membership

Ross Walls has donated time with Steve Johns and Elizabeth Bartley and now has a product to put in front of you.  Read it and come back in January. Online version @ https://www.eastendcincy.com/bylaws/


Garden Committee, Kathy Schwab

No updates



Oasis Trail Update

- People have lots of questions about landscaping, parking, sanitary waste, ongoing funding, safety, fencing, trash, runoff and maintenance. Residents are asking but nothing is ready to be updated.

- Discussing what we plan to do for Patrick Ormond to celebrate his service to the community.

Affortable Housing

- Shalmah Prince brought up funding and how we can make the East End open to make our neighborhood, Cincy’s #1 neighborhood at the forefront in providing affordable housing.

mrsprince2915@gmail.com, (513) 503-1205

Compassionate Community

- Mary Beth Wilker is meeting with the Program Director, Breanna Williams later this month on how to assist people 55 and older and how to engage the EE with their services. breannawilliams@55north.org 55north.org


Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted


Attendance (28) at the meeting: Zoom, 19 people; Le Blond, 9 people

Visit: our website at eastendcincy.org for more information.