September 11th, 2023 Meeting Minutes


Steve Johns called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM

Steve is filling in for President, Craig Stanton

Steve called for a moment of silence in honor of 911

July minutes were approved

Police Report, Officer Rice reported there were 2 Burglary/BE, 6 Part @ Offenses, 3 Personal/Other Thefts, and 1 Theft From Auto

He added that most BE offenses are committed by known homeless

They are making progress with the homeless encampments along Eastern Ave, still more work to do

GCWW Riverside Drive Project, Kevin Osbourne gave an overview of the events that occurred in 2021 with the water main break. The transmission main was in place since 1906. The current project will have 3 Phases. Phase 1 will start late September 2023 and will last 1-2 months. Riverside Dr will be open but with reduced lanes, flaggers will be used to direct traffic. There will be a break over the Winter months. Phase 2 will start in March 2024, again with reduced lanes on Riverside Dr, this phase will last 3-4 months. Phase 3 will then start immediately without any break/delay and last 3 months for installation of the 60” and 12” water mains. There will then be another 1-2 months for street restoration. During Phase 3 Riverside Dr will be closed with access only to homes and businesses from Lumber St to just West of Collins. GCWW, engineer/project manager, Kyle Buckley, presented more details and fielded questions. There is no shut down planned for Collins and should remain open through the project. The 12” main has been out since the 2nd break. Homes along Riverside in this area that are serviced with lead water mains can work with GCWW to have their lead mains replaced during the project.

School Report, Crista Tye The school year is of to a good start. There is new pantry system, can order online, distribution is between 4-4:45. They would like to host a 5K run event in the Spring.

Treasurers Report, Kathy Schwab remote from car. There were no expenses in July or August. $500 was received from the Flying Pig Marathon. Money is set aside to clean up 3 bus stops, looking for a contractor.

There was no president’s report.

Steve Johns gave a brief Duke project update. They are replacing an old propane back-up tank. The new building is being built and the old building will come down.

NSP Report, Regina Moss. We have our NSP funds, there will be some re-allocation. Final approval with city is November. Kathy Schwab suggested we add the Riverside Academy East 5k run for next year community engagement.

NSP Report: Regina Moss
Regina reported we spent some money in community engagement and communications. The report was submitted and we are following the guidelines and have $2,300. left.

There was no 3E Report

Garden Update, Peter Huttinger. Season is winding down, rejuvenating with fall crops.

New Business:

Joe Zimmerman appealed the zoning commissions variance approval for the Toy Bldg at Strader for use as a pizza restaurant. A zoning appeal hearing is scheduled for 9/21/23. Anna Schmidt had questions about what goes into zoning making their decisions and should we consult an attorney. Anna made a motion for the EEAC to support Joe Zimmerman’s appeal. The motion passed.

Barbara Grace mentioned that the bus stop sign is in the bushes and should be placed on the pole where it can be seen. Regina approved bus stop clean up. Barabara asked why the benches were removed from Schmidt Fields. Taylor from CRC added that she did not know why but that is serviced by the Athletic Division.

Jane Sites announce that we need volunteers for the election committee and for any of the board positions for the upcoming election.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

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