February 7th Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – February 7, 2022

The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 8:15 PM

Minutes Approved

Police Report, Office Butler
- There was no police report

Special Guest, Fire Chief Michael A. Washington, Sr.
He is a UC graduate, Father of 3 and 30 year veteran Fire Dept. "We are a community partners and do our part. We are here for you!”

Riverview Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Back to school
- Food pantry pop-ups 2/16, third Wed of every month.
- Substitutes teachers (credits are needed and any jobs are open at the school
- Contact Rebecca Wolf for more info: wolfreb@cpsboe.k12.oh.us

Recreation Report, Oliver Wuensch
- Yoga, Thur 7PM
- Spinning, Wed 7PM
- Volleyball, Mon 6PM
- Registration for Summer Camp is coming up - 15 spots only. 5 Weeks: Dates are June 13, June 27, July 11, Aug 1, Aug 8
- Grant to extent walking path along the river, is in and accepted for install this summer.
- FC Cincy - looking to put in soccer satellite
- Pool update - '23 is in the queue and will know soon call 513-357-POOL for any questions and support
- Closing the gym 1st week of March for work on flooring
- Closed Monday for Presidents Day

Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart
- 10k in for grant received
- Spent money on Zoom annual renewal and LeBlond Audio set up
- Motion to accept, 2nd and accepted

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- NSP submitted in Jan and was approved

President Report, Craig Stanton
- Equipment for LeBlond's Public Meeting Room is being gathered and assembled
- EEAC website has a page for Garden District Events
Objections to the extension of Walworth to Hoff Avenue:
- Fawn Thompson is opposed to the pathway opening
- Discussion on having the resident vote on opening the street from Walworth to Hoff Avenue
- Sergeant Sellers asked when the date was? 2/2/22 was the date per Craig. She said she could ask for an extension for us.
- Craig is going to invite the city to speak on this subject

3ECDC Business Report, Matt Ackermann
- 3ECDC applied for 2022 NBSG Grant

Bylaws & TIFF, Steve Johns
Review of the New ByLaw Updates.
To view the suggested ByLaws visit: https://www.eastendcincy.com/bylaws/
- City is looking for input from residents and the ByLaws have been biased towards residents
- Fee of $1.00/person to belong to the EEAC was debated
- Issues came up throughout the updated
- A map was suggested to show the boundaries of the East End.
- Recommendations board members should have attended 2 public meetings to run for the board

Garden Committee, Kathy Schwab

Old Business

New Business
- Flying Pig 2022
- Cincinnati Planning Committee discussed zoning (Amend the riverfront zone)

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted