December 5th, 2022 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – December 5th 2022

The meeting began at 7:00 PM prompt and ended at 8:01 PM

November minutes were approved.

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown

  • There were 5 burglaries, two auto thefts, and two personal thefts = nine total offenses
  • Riverside school had some violent issues last week: Monday - some students posted they were going to shoot up the school
    • Fight on Riverside with the one minor and students from school. There was a gun, but the gun was not inside the school.
    • Wednesday - Satchel Street kids, a gun was found a few blocks away from the school at a residence home
  • Someone asked about a historical crime (October 2022) that was a homicide; Officer Brown researched the question during the meeting and found it was a heroin overdose

School Report, Rebecca Wolf

  • Had a crazy week and a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I am looking forward to the holiday celebration.
  • Craig asked if they need donations
  • Cristan Tye said there is a family that needs assistance

Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton

  • Leblond to St Rose trail is in progress; it should be a few weeks
  • Oliver’s position is filled and should be filled in a few weeks
  • New Treadmills and Pickle Ball is coming

Treasury Report, Jeff Stewart

  • One check was written to SimpTech for $2606. for audio equipment at LeBlond
  • Balance is the system was down

Presidents Report, Craig Stanton

  • Tech issues with zoom, we are getting closer to a solution
  • Mt Carmel church had a Thanksgiving Dinner; we would like to give EEAC funds to Mt Carmel and the School for the holiday
  • Should we have the meetings at 6 PM vs 7 PM, so we planned to keep it at the same time?
  • Any obligation to have the first 2023 meeting on January 9th

NSP Report, Regina Moss

  • Brief 2023 summary - ($9872. NSP Jan - Dec) we have to make our formal proposal at the beginning of the year after the officers are solidification. Categories are communications, community engagement, and beautification.

3E CDC Report, Nick Motz

  • Did not have a November meeting but combined our November/December meeting

EENN, Mary Beth Wilker

  • No speakers this month

Garden District, Kathy Schwab

  • No garden report

Election Committee, Anna Schmidt

  • Anna physically went to LeBlond to manage the in-person ballots (stay tuned)

New Business

  • Jane Sites had questions about Walworth 104/108/3096 - properties are being held by Experimental Homes. The city found a 10 ft paper ally. Jane asked about Hoff and asked the board to look into this issue.
  • Looking for volunteers to help Jane understand more and connect with the city on this issue.

2023 Final Election

  • President, Craig Stanton
  • VP, Steve Johns
  • Treasurer, Kathy Schwab
  • Secretary, Mary Beth Wilker
  • NSP, Regina Moss