November 7th, 2022 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – November 7th 2022

The meeting began at 7:13 due to technical difficulties at LeBlond

Steve Johns managed the meeting and allowed everyone to introduce themselves at LeBlond and on Zoom.

October minutes were approved.

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown and Sargent Linda Cellars said please contact her or officer brown for any assistance need.

Officer Brown's direct phone: 513-979-4429 or email:

If you call please identify you are from the East End district and leave your message.
October Report: 2 – Personal thefts Walworth/Kellogg, 1- Robbery 3700 block of Kellogg, there was a fatal car crash from speeding.

Riverview East Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Annual Thanksgiving dinner the Tuesday before Thanksgiving
- Had a carnival for elementary
- Football team was in the playoffs – Yeah!

Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton
There was no rec report
- If you have questions or comments contact: 513-535-4739

Presidents Report, was provide by Steve Johns
- Please note the fixitcincy is now 311cincy app. Learn how it works @:
- Election day tomorrow, go vote!
- Holiday season is upon us, it’s darker outside, please be conscious while driving

Special speaker regarding: The Brent Spence Bridge project, Brian Boland
Bridge Forward: Overall Cincinnati has one opportunity to reengineer the Brent Spence Bridge. The goal is to do it right not just a patch job. We need community support to assist us with speaking out on creating the best solution for the bridge project and keep odot from pushing the can down the road. Our goal is to make the most of the bridge connection and reconnect the West End with downtown Cincinnati. Visit:

3E CDC Report, Nick Motz
- Great community party last week at The Carnegie Center. There was all kinds of wonderful food and games for all ages.


Garden Committee, Kathy Schwab
- Winding up the summer and topping off the beds.
- Got response from the city
- Jane suggested the paper ally be open for parking for the gardens, but not sure if that’s possible.

Neighbors Network, Mary Beth Wilker
- No NN speaker for the next two meetings

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- There was no NSP report

Nomination Committee 2023
- Thank you for volunteering — Kathy Schwab & Anna Schmitz
- Craig, Mary Beth, Steve Johns, Regina are staying on for 2023.
- Jeff Stewart is leaving, opening the position as Treasurer, Kathy Schwab has stepped up to be treasurer in 2023. A motion to accept this change and no vote next month was suggested by Steve Johns, since no one else was stepping up. Two people @ LeBlond wanted to wait and run the traditional election voting.

Visit: our website at for more information.