December 4th, 2023 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Craig Stanton at 7:00 PM.

The minutes from last month were approved.

Police Report, Officer Rice
- 3 auto thefts, window broken crime report
- Visiting Officer Robert Wilson, oversees Walnut Hills and coordination of District 2, reaching out to make sure the EE and WH coordinates together
- Be careful there are a lot of car break-ins with theft of groups of cars in all areas of town including car garages, in some cases it will be 30 cars broken into at one time.

Riverside Academy Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Had 100 people at our Community Thxgiving Dinner
- Planning for Christmas, Thank you EEAC for you all for your generous donations
- Testing and Basketball is going and we are winning!
- Today they called a squad based on a medical emergency
- If you would like to make private donations to the school, please contact Rebecca Wolf @

LeBlond CRC Report, Theresa
- Toy Drive: accepting toys til December 16th, asking for donation for toys (4-12 years of age)
- CRC is doing a fundraiser/share-a-thone (see flyer at LeBlond) or you can donate to LeBlond as well

President Report, Craig Stanton
- My last report as president, thank you for those that are running for the board
- Thank you to everyone on the board, Pat, Joe and all you do, especially Regina Moss!

Financial Report, Kathy Schwab
- 18,000 + in savings, Gas Cards for Fred/Tim/Joe and Mike
- contribution to Riverside Academy and Mt Carmel Baptist Church

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- Everything is in great shape for NSP/2024 for the city
- Thank you to the community for coming out to the Mt Carmel dinner

New Business: (Steve Johns)
- Parking along Babb Alley, Applied for money to add fencing and also got money from Business Association, Steve Johns spoke to parking meters and asked for a trial period of 6 months
- Moving pavers to create an entryway for the garden area
- Jane was concern with smell from the Duke Energy/Chemical

2024 election was made in-person and online - EEAC board members are as follows:
President, Steve Johns
Vice President, Zack Davidson
Treasurer, Kathy Schmitz
Secretary, Anna Schmidt
NSP, Regina Moss

Motion to adjourned at 7:45PM

Visit: our website at for more information.