October 2nd, 2023 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Steve Johns filling in for Craig Stanton who was out for a family emergency at 7:05 PM.

Police Report, Officer Rice Officer Manning and Rice gave the East End Crime Stats about auto theft and burglary in the past month. There is a crime report in the back of the room for everyone to take. There were questions about the cars doing donuts in the neighborhood. The officers said that they were prohibited from doing a chase to catch them and that this is an ongoing problem along Riverside Drive.

Riverside Academy ReportRebecca Wolf reported that the school was off to a good start with the exception of transportation and the recent bomb threat, that was not a credible threat. There is an October 27 Fall Festival and scary movie night coming up in October.

LeBlond CRC Report Emily reported that Teresa will continue to fill in for Taylor. They are preparing for the Queen Been run on the 14 th . Half of Riverside will be shut down for that race.

President Report Steve gave an update on GCWW water main repair. EEAC Board will keep everyone updated with news of exact dates of closures and active work.
Duke will be completed with their roadwork in November. The EEAC will have Duke back at a future meeting to give the community an update of next steps.

Financial Report There were no expenses during the month of September. We had one deposit of $500.00 for the water station for the Flying Pig Marathon. Thank you Tim Hinde for all your work. We have a balance of $20,732 in our EEAC accounts.

Garden Report The garden has added a large ground bed which is being prepared by Turner Farms for next year’s growing season. Joe added a composting bed to the garden which was a welcome addition; and we have several beds available next growing season for new or experienced gardeners. Contact Kathy Schwab 513-703-0123 if you are interested.

New Business:

Appeal for variance Jane & Joe gave an update of the appeals process for the zoning variance that was recently passed and appealed. 45 people signed the appeal stating that this is a quality of life issue for residents. They asked for backing for the community in one specific area and that was any amplified music. The zoning appeal attorneys re emphasized that in the zoning variance, no amplified music was or is allowed.

A Thanksgiving Meal will be held at Mt. Carmel.

The Board gave a shout out to those residents who have stepped up to make a difference in our community:

Tanya Henderson, for the clean-up and weeding of multiple steps and bus stops along Riverside.

Andrew Weller – for the beautification of the East End Sign at LeBlond

Regina Moss – for the continuous clean-up of Hoff Avenue

Fred & Tim White and Mike Schott – for their ongoing mowing of the Garden District

Joe Zimmerman – for the ongoing maintenance of both the Garden District and the intersection at Delta and Riverside.

Meeting adjourned at 7:52 PM

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