September 12th Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2022
The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 7:58 PM

August minutes were approved.

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown
- There was no school report

Riverview East Report, Rebecca Wolf
- All staffed on teacher, paraprofessional is needed, staffing is needed
- In-between assistant principals and getting a new person soon
- The schools front steps got fixed

Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton
- There was no recreation report.
- If you have questions or comments contact: 513-535-4739
- LeBlond is Now Hiring – Join their team!

Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart
- There was no treasurer report

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- Final report for NSP was submitted.
- Thank you for Jeff Stewart
- Everything is on board moving forward for 2023!

3ECDC Business Report, Matt Ackermann
- There was no Business Report report

East End Garden District Committee, Kathy Schwab
We are planning the following ideas and need your input, look for an email from to cast your vote!
Big Ask:
$300,000. Acquisition of the firehouse (sell those building and raise money to create a space at Lunkin)
Smaller Asks:
- Improvement to Babb Alley and paper alley behind the business district
- repairs to sidewalks and roads (this is outside the grant application but there are other options)
- Clean up Riverside/Delta
- Parking improvements
- Way finding and benches
- Red bike station at Leblond

Presidents Report, Craig Stanton
- Firehouse would be a wonderful asset for the community, possibly an art or community center

Vice Presidents Report, Steve Johns
Thank you for all who donated to plant more trees in the park!

Neighbors Network, Mary Beth Wilker
- Thank you Joe Zimmerman at the gardens for distributing
- Helen Spieler, Director of Homebuyer Services from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati

Nomination Committee 2023
Thank you for volunteering — Kathy Schwab & Anna Schmitz

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted


District Two Police Station
3295 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH, 45208

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