May 2nd Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – May 2nd, 2022

The meeting called to order at 7:05 PM and ended at 8:15 PM

April Minutes Approved

Police Report, Office Butler
- Crime stats, 0 violent crimes, property crime 1 auto thefts, 1 personal thefts
- As it gets warmer make sure you don’t keep things in your car. Take them with you.
– Drug Take-Back on April 30th Saturday in Mt Washington (10-2) 6131 Campus Lane

Riverview Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Graduation is coming up May 13th
- Over ½ Million Dollars in Scholarships for Seniors - Congratulations
- Planning Next year
- School Field Days are coming up
Contact Rebecca with questions:

Recreation Report, Oliver Wuensch
- Pool – no update on opening or now
- May Field Day with Riverview East
- Taylor is back working at Riverview East as Service Area Coordinator at LeBlond
- Now Hiring – Looking for Staff! Especially for Pool. Looking for staff full-time and summer jobs
- There is ongoing lifeguard training with CRC:

Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart
- Simptech $1282, Post Office Box $83, HopSpeed Clean up $392.

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- No updates on NSP

President Report, Craig Stanton
– Thank you, Steve John on the EEAC ByLaw update!
– Thank you, Tim Hinde on the Flying Pig!
– Collins Avenue is open again but not for long, will close again
– Report potholes you find in the area: 311 or
– City is planning to repave many streets so potholes are a simple patch
– Reason we donated recording equipment at LeBlond
– Membership applications will be available at the June meeting. Please sign-up online or at LeBlond to be a member going forward.

Special Guest: Congressman Chabot
Chabot spoke on the state line change updates. District 1 will contain the East End and the City of Cincinnati, as well as the Eastern half Hamilton County and all of Warren County. Brad Wenstrup is the current congressman for this district and Steve Chabot will be running for this district soon.

3ECDC Business Report, Matt Ackermann
– Did not get NBDSG Grant Support
– Reached out for the NBDIP Grant

Garden Committee
 – Keep Cincinnati Beautiful for the Grant
– Have a contribution from a business in the area for a riding mower, want $1000 from EEAC
– Plenty of space to garden, please join us!

East End Neighbors Network, Mary Beth Wilker
– Look on the website for resources at
– Welcome Lisa Kruse from the Council on Aging and thank you for sharing your information:

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted