February 5th, 2024 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Kathy Schwab. Steve Johns was out of town.

The minutes from January were not available for this meeting. Both January and February minutes will be available on the EEAC website by March 1st.. We will vote on both at the March meeting where there will also be paper copies.

Police Report: Officer Rice reported on crimes committed in the past month. The full report is available on the back table.

No Presidents Report

Garden District Report, Peter Huttinger

There will be a Spring planting Garden Class held in the Gateway Garden and Turner Farm Saturday, April 20 at 2:00.

Financial Report, Kathy Schwab

There was only one expense during the month of January and that was for our zoom account $172.37. The balance in our checking/savings account is $16,307.86.

NSP Report, Regina Moss

NSP 23 report has been submitted. At this point we are waiting for the City to receive contracts for our 2024 NSP allocation.

Guest Speaker - Duke Energy representatives

Chris Lawhead reported that the demolition project will last till mid may. The reasons for the demo and move of the pump station were better monitoring, to contain the sound and safer from vandalism. There should be no change in pressure from location to location Any excess materials will be open to the public. He presented framed old photos that are being donated by Duke Energy for display (if no plans for display we’re asked to return to Duke) Theresa offered to temporarily store them at LeBlond until such time as we find a permanent home for them. At a future time when Duke receives a no further action letter from the EPA they will be cleared for other land uses. When that occurs Duke representatives have promised funds to assist with a community engagement process to determine future uses for land that could be available to the community. Duke Energy Call-Outs: If you smell anything please call 911

Spicer Park - A committee meeting was held 30 minutes before the regular EEAC meeting to discuss how to spend the KCB funds for plants and the EE Business Districts donation to Spicer Park.

Old Business:

  • (Steve) Elis delivery trucks are tearing up the new pavers behind the garden - Steve or Kathy to call Diageo (City Engineering) to make an alert

New Business

  • Tim Hinde: flying pig marathon is May 5th and the East End Area Council will have a station once again at the underpass of Delta and Riverside
    • Seeking 30 volunteers to help anytime between 7:00 - noon receive
    • The EEAC can receive up to $500 donation for the neighborhood if we have enough folks signing up
    • Please reachout with interest in volunteering
  • March meeting: please come prepared with your wishlist of 2024 East End Projects
  • Coney Island: With its closing there will be a number of events normally held there that will be looking for a new home. Would there be any interest by the EEAC in taking on the events at Coney? We will have a year before the closing and it might be worth looking into.

Motion to adjourn was made by Zack and seconded by Joe.

Visit: our website at eastendcincy.org for more information.