February 6th, 2023 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – February 6th 2023

The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 8:15 PM

Minutes Approved

Police Report, Officer Albert Brown

  • Don’t leave your keys in the car folks!
  • 5 burglary, 2 thefts from auto, 4 personal thefts, 2 car thefts
  • Slow down the traffic on Riverside Drive

School Report, Rebecca Wolf

  • There was no school report

Recreation Report, Taylor Singleton

  • Baseball field is being renovated
  • new home run fence at LeBlond
  • we hope that the Pool opens, we need Life Guards, Looking for young adults high school age to be life guards ($16-18 hr. Training included)
  • a request to have exercise room to open at 10AM



Treasury Report, Kathy Schwab

  • AIG Funding $861.
  • NAF Funding $12,844.
  • NSP Funding $7,638.
  • Flying Pig Contribution $500.
  • $21,843. Total

We are managing the spending but would like to hear from the community: What do you want to spend funds

Presidents Report, Craig Stanton

  • Getting the audio and video system together for communication with zoom and in-person.
  • Newsletter opportunity (to communicate)
  • We need new volunteers for the board – please consider being on the board.
  • If you have ideas on how to spend our funding, we are dying for input!

NSP Report, Regina Moss

  • NSP Moneys $9,872.00 Spending on: Website & Admin, Neighborhood communication, Community events

3ECDC Business Report,: Nick Motz

  • We are working on traffic calming. The state is providing funding across all communities because it is an issue in all neighborhoods, we are hoping for funding for the 3E neighborhoods.
  • Questions was raised about the parking, we hope it will begin the spring of 2023
  • For more information about the 3 East Community Development Corporation click here

Garden Report, Kathy Schwab

Neighbor Network, Mary Beth Wilker
March 4 th — Keep Cincinnati Beautiful 10 AM -2 PM
Please sign up to be a part of the clean-up, the EE can be awarded $10K

Flying Pig Marathon, Sunday May 7th, 25th Anniversary

  • Cheer Station Delta & Riverside to cheer on the runners. It’s about our neighborhood
  • Need 20 volunteers registered

Judge Curt Kissinger, currently residing as Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge
If you are impacted or a victim of a case or have questions: please contact Curt 513-946-5138 or Melissa Bishop, Bailiff 513-946-5138

Duke Energy
Marion Byndon, Jeff Schuchter (responsible for new construction) and Chris Lawhead (managed the decommission of the propane site) from Duke, provided an update on the East End Gas Works plan.

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted

Visit: our website at eastendcincy.org for more information.