December 6th Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes – December 6th, 2021

The meeting called to order at 7:00 PM and ended at 7:55PM

Minutes to Approved: November minutes were approved.

Police Report: Office Butler
Crime report: we are way below our average reporting of crimes! Great News East End!! One crime of personal theft. Be careful of package theft – home deliveries are often stolen during the holiday's.

Riverview Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Basketball is up and running
- Getting ready for the holiday break. Santa is visiting on 12/16. There has been a great outpouring of community wanting to adopt families.

Recreation Report, Oliver Wuensch
- Oliver needs contact names of families to receive toys from the toy drive. Fewer programs in Dec., Yoga Wed @ 7PM, Saturdays 10-3 open to public

Closed Dec 24-25, 31, Jan 1 & 17th

Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart
There was no activity in the bank account. The treasurers report was accepted.

NSP Report, Regina Moss
2022 NSP proposal: $2800 – communications, $1500 – neighborhood improvements/beautification, $3338 - quality of life/community ($7638)

President Report, Craig Stanton
Hotel development for Lunkin Airport was endorsed by the Board Community engagement meeting Wed, Dec 8th @ 4:00PM

3ECDC Business Report, Matt Ackermann
Approved 2022 officers: Nick Motz/President, Chad Nichols/VP, Matt Ackermann/Treasurer Tiffany Volmer /Secretary. Received Neighborhood Activation Fund/Grant Approval $10000, Advanced Neighborhood $3500/CT&EE ($7000), Reimbursement NBDSF $3850. ($20000 total)

Bylaws & TIFF, Steve Johns
Steve Johns, Ross Wales (attorney) and Elizabeth Bartley (Invest in Neighborhoods) are working on, on updating the bylaws. When the bylaws are complete they will be on the website. Making minor changes one being there will be a $1. fee for members to better track members of the community.

Garden Committee, Kathy Schwab
Awarded Grant Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, hired HNL landscaping to beautify the garden district. Applying for the Urban Agriculture Grant

2022 Nomination Committee, Michelle Tebeau
Elections were taken in-person and on zoom. The following board members were sworn in: President, Craig Stanton, VP, Steve Johns, Secretary, Mary Beth Wilker, Treasurer, Jeff Stewart, NSP Manager, Regina Moss

Thank You Nominating Committee: Michelle Tebeau, Nick Motz, Fawn Thompson and Kathy Schwab

Questions came up during the election
- Resident, Barbara Grace wants to in-person meet at the Pendleton Center and see who we voting for.
- Resident, Tanya Henderson also wants to meet officers face to face.
- Property Owner, Michelle Tebeau suggest a gathering where we thank the board members for their service
- Resident, Jane Sites questioned how the Zoom people are voting?
- President, Craig Stanton respond that he would like to meet in person and voting through zoom is completely legit with Invest In Neighborhoods direction.
- Secretary, Mary Beth Wilker asked for everyone to please consider serving on the board or a committee to help the community.

New Business
- Discussing what we plan to do for Patrick Ormond to celebrate his service to the community.
- Oasis Trail Meeting will be coming up!

Motion to Adjourn - 1st & 2nd motion, accepted

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