November 11th Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – November 11th, 2021
The meeting called to order at 7:01 PM and ended at 8:03 PM

Minutes to Approve
- September minutes were approved with edits:
Jane Sites brought up clerical issue of chairs/board members edit to the email minute. The minutes are to reflect Steve Johns not being a board member. 
Amended and 1st, 2nd, approved with edit.

Police Report: Office Butler
- 0 violent crimes
- Small uptick in thefts/petty
- Some auto, breaking and entering, criminal
The East End is a pretty safe neighborhood overall...

Treasurer Report, Jeff Stewart
- Received $500 check from 3ECDC for Pig cleanup
1st/2nd accepted.

Riverview Report, Rebecca Wolf
- Grant for field trips received.
Students are working on a yearbook which have not had in a while - looking for advice on how/where.

President Report, Craig Stanton
- Great people working behind the scenes, thanked Steve Johns and Tim Hinde for all your hard work!

Recreation Report, Oliver Wuensch
- V-ball for another 2 months on Monday nights
- Free Composting for another 2 weeks: drop off compost is Monday & Thursday only 4:30-5:30 PM
- Homeschool Jet ? for another 4 weeks
- Yoga Wednesday nights @ 7 PM with membership
- Starting rentals for youth basketball in November
- Babysitting classes for teens? Investigating for maybe getting funding from EEAC
- Aquatics update - there is no update
- Toy Drive coming, CRC is conducting, please to not wrap if you donate. Each center gets to nominate 2 youths in need.
- Fall Hours 10 AM-8 PM, Saturday open 10 AM-3 PM for public access

Thank You, Tim & Carrie for the drinks and snacks left over from the flying pig!

NSP Report, Regina Moss
- 2021 report is finalized and into the city, all was spent except $53.16, which we owe back
- 2022 application can be for $7638, which we just need to submit once we know allocations

3EBA Business Report, Matt Ackermann
- No report

Bylaws & TIFF, Steve Johns was not available but Craig spoke on his behalf
Working with attorney, Invest in Neighborhood/ Elizabeth Bartley, Steve Johns and _______.  1st draft is in hands of Elizabeth Bartley for compliance. Going to present to community in Jan meeting with copies distributed with before/after and line items. Cleans up a lot of issues that have not been addressed in a while. Discussion and vote on it in February.

Nomination Committee, Michelle Tebeau
- Grateful for all current running again and get 2 min
- Craig for President - I got a couple of things done only because of the committees, administrator, advocate for the community, try to promote it and do best job for the community, Let's do more things this year.
- Steve Johns for VP - he's assist director in Ham Cty Planning, been here 3 years, has so much to offer, his day job will be a great background
- Mary Beth for Secretary - enjoyed being Sec and working with the board, trying to do a good job and trying hard!
- Jeff Stewart for Treasurer - been treasurer for 10 years or so, been involved for 30 years or so, but want to make last year!
- Regina Moss for NSP Manager - Lifetime res back to great gramps, Baptist Church member, work closely with the board and changes, and Jeff Stewart is a godsend, let's make EE a community unity again!

Thank You Patrick Ormond, for your many years of service in the East End!

Thank you Michelle Tebeau, Nick Motz, Fawn Thompson, Kathy Schwab for your assistance in the Nominating Committee!

Flying Pig Marathon, Tim Hinde
Great day, fun! Craig brought a tent for shelter and the two stayed all DAY! Thanks for all that registered! Patrick cleaned up the grass with his weed eater. Merrie Stillpass was there passing out snacks, Georgia, Wendy, Zack Davidson, Gov DeWine - all stopped by!

East End Pre-Pig Clean-Up, Patrick Ormond and Craig Stanton
Cleanup fell apart on 1st try but looking for students to help on a weekly basis to clean up bus/res areas, year round. Hoping to get some students "occupied." Maybe keep the $500 overage to put to future use

New Business
Community Compassion Committee; helping neighbors in need.
- Merrie Stillpass
- Kathy Schwab – will support garden produce
- Food drive or food bank, food box (heat, infestation from insects, can goods,
- Board of health and homeless shelter
- Family will remain anonymous and those that are in nee; haircut,
- The REA garden donates our produce to Le Soupe, which then uses it to make meals that are donated to those in need.

Old Business
- Mrs Atkins, teacher at Riverview and Garden lead. Interested in starting afterschool beautification program!

New Business
1. Mary Beth Wilker, Holidays coming up, thinking of helping those in need, but why not all year long? Looking to start a Community Compassion Committee CCC to help those elderly, those with children, sick etc. Basically trying to become more neighborly, all year around. Looking for a head and/or volunteers for the committee... Looking for nominees of those the need help, but would not necessarily let anyone know they need help.Comments from community members:
- Kathy Schwab would love to be part of this committee, maybe incorporate the garden produce into the mix.
- Tim Hinde mentioned a "neighborhood food box" that basically says "take what you need, leave what you can." Maybe LeBlond could devote some space to this?
- Fawn Thompson really likes this concept/committee, too!
- Kristen Riggins representing LeBlond Recreation Center volunteering for the compassion committee.
- Jane Sites suggests liability and board of health issues with a box
- Pat Ormond said they explored helping the community, some families are embarrassed to ask for help, suggested that those in need remain anonymous keeping the families identity private. Bus passes, Rec passes, extension of compassion.
- Michelle Tebeau commented at the very end calling the Compassion Committee the Sunshine Committee or something like that, so people aren't embarrassed when given something, since they are likely to humble to speak up anyway ;). I like it!
2. Jane Sites asked – where is the new bike path going?
- next to Hoff is the new trail line coming thru, on Oasis Line. Can we invite someone from city to speak to this? Maybe TJ Ackermann can come in too?

Motion to Adjourn
- 1st & 2nd motion, accepted